Prompt Engineering: Online Courses to Learn

By August 31, 2023 AI, News, Prompt Engineer

Prompt Engineering: Online Courses to Learn

Yo, check it out! Prompt engineering, this fresh new thing in the AI realm, it’s all about cooking up those wicked prompts that guide language models to spit out exactly what you want. Prompts are like the secret sauce – they can whip up text, sling languages around, craft all sorts of creative stuff, and even drop knowledge bombs with answers.

If you’re up for diving into the world of prompt engineering, peep this – there’s a bunch of online courses that got your back. Here’s a rundown of 10 online courses to get you rocking prompt engineering:

“Prompt Engineering: The Art of Creating and Using Prompts for AI” by Coursera. This 10-week freebie will school you in the basics of prompt engineering.You’ll learn how to cook up prompts, rate ’em like a pro, and whip ’em up to dish out all sorts of creative text.

“Prompt Engineering for Natural Language Processing” on Coursera. This 4-week cash grab will show you the ropes on using prompts to whip up text, talk in tongues, and serve up answers.

“Prompt Engineering for AI” on Udemy. Roll through this 16-hour paid course to master the art of crafting slick prompts for all your AI needs.

“Introduction to Prompt Engineering” on YouTube. This freebie crash course, just an hour long, gets you down with the basics of prompt engineering.

“Prompt Engineering for Machine Learning” on Udacity. Dive into this 6-week paid course to see how prompts can pump up your machine learning game.

“Prompt Engineering for Creativity” by DeepLearning.AI. Get your wallet out for this 4-week paid course that’ll show you how to whip up all kinds of creative goodness using prompts.

“Prompt Engineering for Games” on Udemy. Ready to level up? This 10-hour paid course teaches you how to use prompts to spawn some AI game magic.

“Prompt Engineering for Research” on YouTube. This free 1-hour course drops knowledge on how to use prompts for AI research.

These courses are like your jam-packed toolkit for mastering prompt engineering. If you’re eyeing a gig in the AI scene, trust me, prompt engineering is the ace up your sleeve that’ll set you apart from the rest of the pack.

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