We are looking for LLM machine learning engineers to join our AI team and help solve practical real-world problems using LLM and generative AI. We care about solving real-world problems, while keeping our products up to a high safety standard. We care about applications driven by user feedback, as well as long-term research ​​with significant impacts on the product.

Key Responsibilities‍

  • Design, develop and maintain a robust and scalable data management pipeline
  • Build a pipeline for automated model training, evaluation and deployment, including active learning process, routines for calibration and validation data refresh etc.
  • Work closely with stakeholders from product, engineering, content policy on long-term platform improvement
  • Experiment on data augmentation and data generation methods to enhance the diversity and quality of training data.

Skill and Experience‍

  • 3+ years industry experience as a Machine Learning Engineer or Software Engineer
  • Experience with large-scale language models such as GPT-3, BERT, or RoBERTa.
  • Solid understanding of generative models such as GANs and VAEs and experience in optimizing and fine-tuning these models
  • Familiarity with autonomous AI architectures
  • Strong background in computer science, natural language processing, and machine learning
  • Familiarity with deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, or Keras.
  • Care deeply about AI safety and passionate about building the best deep learning tools
  • Experience working in large distributed systems, deep learning or/and natural language processing
  • Excellent team work skills

Tagged as: BERT, Generative AI, GPT Modellen, GPT-3, GPT-4, RoBERTa

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