Mistral AI is hiring an expert in the role of pre-training and fine-tuning large language models.
The role will involve
– modifying pre-trained large language models to make them able to interact with humans
– equipping large language models with the ability of calling external tools
– aligning large language models based on feedback obtained during their deployment, or going through an ad-hoc annotation process.
– designing ad-hoc annotation processes themselves.
The role will also involve participating to the pre-training effort.
The successful candidate will have
– high scientific understanding of the field of generative AI. This means a broad knowledge of the field of AI, and specific knowledge or interest in fine-tuning and using language models for applications.
– high technical engineering competence. This means being able to design complex software and make them usable in production. She is able to navigate the full MLOps technical stack, with a focus on architecture development and model evaluation and usage. She will occasionally be able to do front-end development, and have to use complex HPC infrastructure with full autonomy.
About Mistral AI
Mistral AI is a European company training large generative models for providing them to the industry. It releases the technology in a fully transparent way; a significant part of its IP is shared with permissive open-source software: Mistral AI intends to be a technical leader in the open-source generative AI community.
We’re a small team, mostly composed of seasoned researchers and engineers in the field of AI. We like to work hard and to be at the edge of science. We are creative, low-ego, team-spirited, and have all been passionate about AI for years. We hire people that foster in competitive environments because they find them more fun to work in. We hire passionate women and men from all over the world.

Tagged as: Generative AI, Langchain, LLMs, Python

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