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We are Citi’s ICG Technology Strategy team, a start-up with the exciting mission of shaping the direction of travel for the ICG by defining the tech and engineering strategy for the bank. We are a team of talented engineers, product managers and tech SMEs, taking ambiguous concepts and making them real by engineering cutting edge products at planetary scale! We are solely focused on the most modern technology and engineering disciplines such as generative AI, cloud, security, modern app stacks (with Golang, Gatekeeper), open source and the latest and greatest in the Kubernetes ecosystem.

Generative AI is a relatively new and growing space, as a result, we ask that you share with us a specific AI engineering projects on LLMs that you’re proud of in your application. Ideally these projects should show off complex and clever architectures or a systematic evaluation of an LLM’s behaviour.

You might be a good fit if you

  • Seize the opportunity to explore gen AI, machine learning and its real-world applications at scale. Jump in!
  • Rapidly prototype ideas, approaches and methods in the AI space.
  • Read, implement and improve the latest papers in the AI field
  • A relentless passion to learn more and go deep into machine learning and generative AI concepts, bringing your research to engineer products that shape Citi’s future.
  • Be a game-changer, ready to step beyond your designated role
  • Bring your deep-dive software engineering expertise
  • Thrive in a results-driven environment, where flexibility fuels impact
  • Love the synergy of pair programming? So do we!

What you’ll do within the Tech Strategy team:

  • Contribute to the research and conceptual builds of Generative AI products,
  • Design and build high-quality, highly reliable products with user experience at the centre
  • Be responsible for turning research insight into best-in-class AI platforms for the bank
  • Creating firsts in the Generative AI space for Citi as part of the team that defines the strategic direction for the bank
  • Continually iterate and scale Generative AI products, whilst continually researching the advancements in technology and listening to the needs of the customers (internal)
  • Mentor and nurture other engineers to help them grow their skills and expertise

Experience that will help you succeed in this role

  • A well-known contributor to opensource and always thinking out of the box tooling, using and standardizing with methods of creating APIs , ML/Ops automation and more.
  • 12+ YRS Exx
  • Have experience supporting fast-paced startup engineering teams
  • Understanding of language models and transformers
  • Have used LangChain and even contributed to the project.
  • Fluency in at least two programming language, with preference for Python, JavaScript/Typescript, Golang
  • Experience designing control and sandboxing systems for AI research
  • Pytorch or TensorFlow experience
  • Experience maintaining and/or contributing to bug bounty and responsible disclosure programs
  • Rich understanding of vector stores and search algorithms
  • Large-scale ETL development
  • Direct engineering experience of high performance, large-scale ML systems
  • Deep hands on knowledge of Kubernetes, developing backend platforms and engineering APIs that scale
  • Hands on MLOps experience, with an appreciation of the end-to-end CI/CD process

What we believe in

  • We do not have boundaries between engineering and research, and we expect all our technical staff to contribute to both as needed.
  • We take a product-focused approach and care about building solutions that are robust, scalable, and easy to use.
  • We enjoy working in a fast-paced team tackling cutting-edge problems by constantly testing and learning.
  • We enjoy pair programming for our products, we are lean in our approach and remove bureaucracy where we see it.
  • We believe in delivering fast, iterating and pivot as we go, rather than defining the perfect solution upfront.

Tagged as: JavaScript, ML, Python

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