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Hey there, welcome to Totality Corp! We’re a bunch of curious minds who started this funky adventure back in July 2017. Our mission? To blend technology, design, and content like a smoothie, making everything scalable, innovative, and oh-so-engaging! Our roller coaster ride began with the Mobile Gaming Premier League (MGPL) – India’s first multi-game mobile platform that rocked the world of 2.2 million users!

Pretty neat, right? In 2019, we dived into the world of interactive videos with Yovo. Imagine a vertical feed app buzzing with 3.5 million users and 1.3 million monthly active users creating 40,000 videos daily. Yes, we did that! Fast forward to 2021, and we created Zionverse – an NFT gaming ecosystem that’s like a treasure trove of Indian culture, just waiting to be explored by Creators, Investors, and Gamers worldwide.

And guess what? In 2023, we’re launching Never! It’s a digital platform that harnesses AI power to generate hyper-realistic images for anything from social media profiles to gaming avatars and virtual reality experiences. As we keep grooving and evolving, we’re always circling back to our gaming roots, and now we’re all about building a live persistent virtual world.

Picture people from all around the globe coming together to hang out, play games, and create magic. That’s our vision, and we’re making it happen!

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