Amazing midjourney prompts

By November 24, 2023 Midjourney

Prompt for an artist painting in a studio:

“An elderly, Caucasian female artist with grey hair and spectacles, wearing a paint-stained apron, intently painting a large, colorful abstract canvas in a sunlit, cluttered artist’s studio. Around her, various art supplies, a wooden easel, paint tubes, brushes, and a messy palette, with a large window revealing a cityscape in the background.”

Prompt for a chef cooking in a professional kitchen:

“A young, Hispanic male chef with short black hair, wearing a white chef’s coat and hat, expertly chopping vegetables on a stainless steel countertop in a bustling, high-end professional kitchen. Behind him, flames flare from a stove, other chefs are focused on their tasks, and the atmosphere is filled with the aroma of exotic spices.”

Prompt for a gardener tending a garden:

“A middle-aged, Black male gardener with a gentle smile, wearing a straw hat and overalls, tenderly pruning a vibrant rose bush in a lush, diverse garden filled with a variety of flowers and plants. Sunlight filters through the leaves, birds are chirping, and a small, rustic wooden shed is visible in the background.”

Prompt for a writer reflecting in a library:

“A young, South Asian female writer with long, wavy hair, wearing glasses and a cozy sweater, sitting in a grand, old library, surrounded by towering bookshelves. She is lost in thought, pen in hand, with a leather-bound journal open in front of her, a vintage lamp casting a warm glow on the desk.”

Prompt for a photographer capturing natural landscapes:

“A middle-aged, Middle-Eastern male photographer with a beard, wearing a backpack and hiking gear, capturing the breathtaking view of a mountain range at sunset. He’s standing on a high vantage point, camera on a tripod, with the golden light illuminating the vast landscape, clouds painting the sky, and a sense of serene solitude.”

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